Frequent questions

About shipping and transportation

  • What is the delivery time?

Custom-made pieces from Antique Boutique's own collection have a manufacturing time of 4 to 6 weeks. Once the order is finished, shipping within the Spanish peninsula takes 4-5 days; Shipping abroad or the Balearic and Canary Islands is 7-8 days.

  • What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is not included in the price of the parts. This will be provided when the product allows it, it can be viewed before finalizing the transaction, failing that, it will be done via email when we have the full shipping address.

  • What countries do you ship to?

We send pieces to all the countries of the world from our workshops in Alcoy.

About returns

  • Discounted or promotional items cannot be returned.
  • In case of breakage or serious damage, it must always be reported within the first 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise to After this time, no claim will be accepted.
  • If the package has some external blow (or breakage of the box) it must be stated on the delivery note of the carrier when signing the receipt.
  • It is important to take pictures to be able to report it. If the package does not have any blows but the interior merchandise is damaged or broken, photographs must be taken and reported by email to within the first 24 hours. In this way we can file a claim with the transport agency, and thus proceed to refund the price of the piece and the transport fee or send an equal piece in replacement without transport cost.
  • Products made to measure for the client, orders on demand, own collection and photographs do not admit changes or returns.

About Refund Policy and Guarantee

  • In own collection products we do not make refunds once the product is shipped since they are pieces made to measure and on request, at the express request of the client.
  • We make exceptions to this rule when the description does not match the product due to an error in manufacturing, measurements, colors, etc.
  • Regarding the guarantee, it will only cover manufacturing errors and will only become effective when the product has been transported and used correctly, cleaned correctly and maintained under normal conditions:
  1. According to the technical specifications indicated for each product.
  2. Under environmental conditions in accordance with the specifications indicated by the manufacturer.
  3. In specific use for the function with which it was designed at the factory.
  4. Under electrical operating conditions in accordance with the specifications and tolerances indicated.
  • The guarantee does not cover breakdowns or damage caused by improper use.

about taxes

  • If you are a professional in the EU, please contact us via email to determine if the operation can be exempt from VAT as an intra-community operation.
  • For professionals with tax residence outside the EU, contact us via email in case it could be an export of goods not subject to Spanish VAT.