About us


Since its inception in 2001 in the heart of Barcelona, Antique Boutique has been synonymous with timeless elegance in the realm of Spanish furniture design. Over the past two decades, our commitment to preserving and enhancing our signature style has solidified our position as a leading brand in the realms of handcrafted furniture, home decoration, and interior design.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that your home is not merely a living space but an embodiment of who you are, what you love, and a reflection of your unique story. We understand that every piece of furniture has the potential to reflect your identity, and it is with this understanding that we offer our customers the opportunity to personalize their Antique Boutique pieces to the minutest detail.

Our goal is to craft bespoke items that seamlessly blend into your living space, becoming an integral part of your home's narrative and identity. We invite you to explore our collections and discover how Antique Boutique can transform your living space into an elegant, timeless haven that tells your story beautifully.


2001 - Antique Boutique was founded in Barcelona, Spain. The original boutique in Barcelona embodied an eclectic and unique style, presenting a mix of 20th-century furniture and home accessories that expressed a passion for retro aesthetics.

2007 - Inspired by the allure of the furniture and its materials, Antique Boutique embarked on creating its own exclusive collections. This endeavor coincided with the establishment of the first Antique Boutique workshops in Barcelona, where every piece of our collections was handcrafted by local artisans.

2023 - Acquired by the Spanish group Home Furnisincs, Antique Boutique joined forces with its renowned household brand JoverValls. The workshop was relocated to the picturesque city of Alcoy, Spain, where we continue to craft each piece with care and precision. This move not only underscores our continued commitment to impeccable design, innovation, and quality craftsmanship but also marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our journey. Our team of seasoned artisans, each an expert in the crafts of metal, wood, and leather, maintains a steadfast commitment to crafting extraordinary pieces, meticulously tailored to fulfill the unique preferences of our clients.