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Luna Brass/Steel Tables Set - Fully Customizable Auxiliary Tables

Luna Brass/Steel Tables Set - Fully Customizable Auxiliary Tables

The Luna Brass/Steel Table Set, crafted in our Spanish workshop, is fashioned entirely from satin brass or steel, seamlessly blending the grace of full and half moon shapes into a retro and chic design. Versatile by nature, this collection of tables transitions effortlessly from serving as coffee tables in a living room to adorning the reception area of a hotel or restaurant. Wherever your imagination takes you, these tables can follow suit; we tailor-make them to suit any project.

Customization options:
Configuration: tailor your set to your preference, whether you desire two tables, or more, we can create any configuration to suit your space
Material: satin brass or stainless steel
Shape: full moon or waning crescent 
Size: standard size or specify your desired dimensions

Advanced customization options for an additional cost:
Materials: You can choose natural oak or walnut wood veneers, or opt to fully cover the table with a sheet of satin brass or stainless steel
Marquetry: Incorporates an elegant brass or stainless steel marquetry design on the tabletop
Plinth: You can add a plinth for a special design touch
Metalwork: Choose between natural brass trim, or finished with a patina in aged brass or blackened gunmetal

To customize your table, please email us at with your preferred options, and we'll provide you with a quote.

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